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    Sarah Shah

    Please can anyone recommend great books/ online courses to develop Intuition. And please can we add these to the Global Soul Connexion store in due course? many thanks


    Alexia Chellun

    Hi Sarah. I don’t know any books or courses but I could share some of my experience on how I developed and sharpened my intuition. We all naturally already have intuition and for whatever reasons many have lost the ability to hear it and follow, but it is within all of us. For me I mainly have brought it to the forefront of my being by wanting to feel it more and by paying attention. The way that I have come to understand is it that our first feelings are always on point. That deep voice within that doesn’t have a label yet, that turning in my stomach that I cannot explain, that feeling that I have just to walk away or walk towards something/someone when I have no idea why. We all have this and then often the mind comes in, extremely quickly to reason, doubt, question etc.. and then because the mind is so powerful, often and quickly we forget that initial nudge and that deep voice within. It has happened to me many times and other that I know, where we had a feeling about something, mind came in quickly and stopped it’s message, I followed the mind and when it didn’t work out, I said to myself, ‘I knew it! I just knew it’. There was something there more powerful than what I thought I knew.
    On a practical level this is how I allow it to have a powerful place within me-

    -I pay attention to my first feelings and trust them (even if my mind tells me otherwise)
    -If I have to make a decision about something I take time to feel back into my first feelings place on that subject.
    -I talk to my intuition and say, ‘I trust you intuition. I trust that you are guiding me beyond what I think I know’
    – And I pay attention to when I have followed my intuition and even replay moments within me of when my intuition was on point. By paying attention to something, it becomes more prominent.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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