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    Rory Norriss

    I enojyed the article ‘Scientists have made biodegradable plastic‘ and as a science lover I have heard about some other awesome and potentially life-saving inventions such ocean pollution clean up technology, and also Carbon di-oxide negating technology which could save us from the dire consequences of our increasingly perilous emissions – can anyone let me know if they have any more info on either of these things?? Answers welcome….reason is that I’m keen to donate generously to ground-breaking technology asap. Thx


    Global SoulCxN

    I think you are referring to Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage – or BECCS which is one of the key technologies non-formally underpinning the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, in which 195 nations finally promised to keep the global temperature rise well below 2°C above preindustrial levels this century. Using plants to suck CO2 out of the atmosphere, BECCS could result in a path to 2°C that the global economy could afford.

    See this article on Job One for Humanity about it: ‘The dirty secret of the world’s plan to avert climate disaster‘. The technology can work in theory and at the Archer Daniel Midland plant in Decatur, Illinois, they are successfully injecting pure carbon dioxide into underground reservoirs. But what makes this unfeasible is scale – at the plant they plan to store another 5 million tons of carbon dioxide over the next few years — but average emissions in the US alone were 14 million tons of carbon dioxide per DAY, even back in 2016.

    In the UK and Europe, people are at least starting research into negative emissions – the question is can we get there fast enough? Will update when I find out more about where this research is being done. #positiveimpact

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