Authentic Awakening – Free Online Event

Free  Online Event

Discover the keys to cultivating a deeply fulfilling spiritual practice that keeps you grounded, present and centred amidst the pressures and challenges of your everyday life.

with Thomas Huebl

Online Event with Thomas Huebl

The foundations of a 21st Century transformational practice in work, love and life.

Thomas’ teachings gently yet profoundly guide us to awaken to our enlightened awareness while simultaneously showing us how to live from this expanded presence in our everyday life.

That’s the kind of shift that has the power to heal, uplift and transform our world.

Thomas delivers presence, insight, transmission, innovative practices, transparent communication, awakened relationships and love.

He will share his profound and very “real” approach to traveling the modern-day spiritual path, including subjects such as:

  • The secret to your authentic awakening, and how you can release habitual thinking and behaviors, so that you can fully participate in the movement of life and “innovate” each moment
  • A new spiritual practice designed uniquely for our fast-paced world that empowers you to meet challenging and difficult situations in your life with confidence, ease and grace
  • How to transform all communication into a spiritual practice, and cultivate a conscious relational space to enjoy deeper, more present connections
  • How to access levels of consciousness that go beyond limiting, conventional ego perceptions and develop subtle energy competency
  • Ways to restore your energy over the course of a day of work rather than deplete it
  • And more… since Thomas is always responding to the spontaneous currents of the moment!

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