Brief Answers to the Big Questions: the final book from Stephen Hawking

by Stephen Hawking

This accessible and engrossing book originated from the thousands of requests for answers to the big questions received by the late cosmologist/physicist Stephen Hawking(1942-2018).

After a foreword by Eddie Redmayne and an introduction by Nobel Laureate Kip Thorne, Hawking discusses wittily such diverse big questions as Is there a God?, How did it all begin?, Is there other intelligent life in the universe?, Can we predict the future?, What is inside a black hole?, Is time travel possible?, Will we survive on Earth?, Should we colonise space?, Will artificial intelligence outsmart us? & How do we shape the future?

‘Brief Answers To The Big Questions’ concludes with an afterword by Hawking’s daughter, Lucy.
Stephen Hawking’s fascinating and intellectually stimulating book deserves to be read by anyone searching for answers to ‘life, the universe & everything’.

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