Calling Back Your Power: Your Catalyst for Personal and Spiritual Transformation

by Suzette Faith Foster (Author)

Where Healing is Possible This is a life-changing guide for emotional and physical health by Suzette Faith Foster. She rebounded from a deadly injury, paralysis and other life challenges using these mind, body, spirit approaches. Experience a new perspective that aligns you with the power of your thoughts, intentions, and the divine perfection that is at your core. Discover your innate power and how you can heal using mind, body, spirit awareness. Read real-life stories about astonishing healings from these integrative techniques. Learn how to calm your monkey mind, rid negative thoughts and receive inner peace. “Suzette Faith Foster’s healing experience leads us to ask, ‘What are the limits of healing, and are there any limits at all?’ Healing related to holy and wholeness is is our birthright, and Suzette explores how it can manifest in anyone’s life.” ~ Larry Dossey, MD Author: One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters “Calling Back Your Power has the momentum to move you beyond the challenges at hand to your best life.” Jack Canfield, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul® and The Success Principles. “Suzette Faith Foster’s remarkable life story provides factual evidence that it is possible for us all to awaken the perfect healer residing right at the center of our own being.” ~Michael Bernard Beckwith author of Life Visioning Suzette’s doctor: “When it is a severe spinal cord injury that high in the spine, it is often very, very significant. Historically it would be devastating one you would not survive. I’m presented with a woman who got a lot better, a lot quicker than would have been comprehended, so I am trying to make sense of it in my mind.” ~ Dr. Robert Isaacs. Director of Spine Surgery, Duke Medical Hospital

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