Discovering the Mystical Teachings of Kabbalah – Free Online Event

Free Online Event

How to Awaken Your Consciousness by Activating the 10 Divine Energies of the Tree of Life

With Rabbi David Ingber

Online Event with Rabbi David Ingber, Founder of Romemu

You’ve probably seen pictures of the Tree of Life, which comes from the Jewish mystical tradition known as Kabbalah and symbolizes the cosmos as a whole and the human body.

While it might at first seem esoteric, the Tree of Life actually offers a multidimensional map of energy that, when we learn how to work with it spiritually, can lead to greater wisdom, love, and a profound sense of reverence for life. 

It’s both metaphysical AND practical.

If you haven’t explored the Kabbalah or would like to deepen your awareness of how it represents a path of transformation, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Rabbi David Ingber, one of the most compelling modern teachers of Kabbalah.

Rabbi David will open up this “map of consciousness” and show you how you can use it to create a life that’s wise, loving, and holistically grounded.

You’ll also:

  • Receive key foundations for understanding the Tree of Life and the 10 Sefirot, as well as how to relate to them for spiritual practice
  • Understand the organismic quality of the Jewish mystical tradition, which brings you into right relationship with your body, mind, and life
  • Discover how to begin to balance different energies in your being when engaging with your family, work, and other worldly activities
  • Begin the profound journey of Tikkun Olam

More than anything, this free event will expand your understanding of life and the cosmos. You’ll begin to see with the “divine eyes” that this system represents, as well as open to the deeper meaning of words, numbers, and symbols, which are connected to the 10 energies.

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