How Consciousness Became the Universe: Quantum Physics, Cosmology, Neuroscience, Parallel Universes

by Deepak Chopra (Author), Sir Roger Penrose (Author), Brandon Carter (Author)

Contents I: How Consciousness Became the Universe 1. How Consciousness Becomes the Physical Universe 2. Perceived Reality, Quantum Mechanics, and Consciousness 3. Quantum Reality and Mind 4. Space, Time and Consciousness 5. Does the Universe have Cosmological Memory? Does This Imply Cosmic Consciousness? 6. Cosmological Foundations of Consciousness 7. What Consciousness Does: A Quantum Cosmology of Mind 8. Detecting Mass Consciousness: Effects of Globally Shared Attention and Emotion II: Neuroscience, Cosmology and the Evolution of Consciousness of the Universe 9. Paleolithic Cosmic Consciousness of the Cosmos 10. The Brain and Consciousness: Dynamics and Evolution 11.Quantum Physics the Multiplicity of Mind: Split-Brains, Fragmented Minds, Dissociation, Quantum Consciousness 12. Many Mansions: Special Relativity, Higher-Dimensional Space, Neuroscience, Consciousness and Time 13. Brain, Consciousness, and Free Will 14. Consciousness in the Universe: Neuroscience, Quantum Space-Time Geometry and Orch OR Theory III. Consciousness, Quantum Physics, Relativity, Precognition, Retrocausation, Multiple Dimensions, Entanglement, Time 15. The Theory of MindTime 16. Consciousness of Continuity in Time 17. The Time Machine of Consciousness. Past Present Future Exist Simultaneously. Entanglement, Tachyons, Relative Time, Circle of Time, Quantum Time, Dream Time, PreCognition, Retrocausation, Deja Vu, and Premonitions 18. The Observer’s Now, Past and Future in Physics from a Psycho-Biological Perspective 19. Synchronicity, Entanglement, Quantum Information and the Psyche 20. Consciousness, the Paranormal and Higher Dimensions IV. Uncertainty Principle, Parallel Universes, Wave Functions, Entanglement, Violations of Causality, and Paradoxes of Time Travel 21. Multiverse Scenarios in Cosmology: Classification, Cause, Challenge, Controversy, and Criticism 22. Classical Anthropic Everett Model: Indeterminacy in a Preordained Multiverse 23. Cosmology, The Uncertainty Principle, Wave Function, Probability, Entanglement, and Multiple Worlds 24. Logic of Quantum Mechanics, Parallel Worlds and Phenomenon of Consciousness V: THE AFFECT OF CONSCIOUSNESS OBSERVING THE UNIVERSE 25. Consciousness and Quantum Physics: A Deconstruction of the Topic 26. Consciousness and Quantum Measurement 27. A Quantum Physical Effect of Consciousness 28. The Conscious Observer in the Quantum Experiment 29. Does Quantum Mechanics Require A Conscious Observer? 30. Quantum Physics, Advanced Waves and Consciousness 31. How Consciousness Became the Universe

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