Meditation Made Easy – Online Course

An inspiring introduction to the practice of meditation

by Matteo Pistono

For thousands of years, we have used the practice of meditation to come to know our hearts and minds in the innermost way. Using the simple tools of our body and mind, meditation can help us to unlock the incredible potential that exists within us, bringing about inner strength, calmness and emotional grounding, and enabling us to lead a life of joy and profound contentment.

This comprehensive online video course is an inspiring introduction to the practice of meditation, offering a breadth of knowledge, case studies, practical techniques and teachings which will enable anyone, anywhere, to integrate meditation into their daily life and start experiencing the benefits. You’ll learn how to develop a powerful connection between the body and the mind, how to cultivate a focused, calm and attentive awareness, and how meditate at home, or while sleeping or on the go. The amazing effects of regular meditation will be far-reaching, and will help you to sleep better, relieve anxiety and improve concentration.

This exclusive online course includes:

  • Seven video lessons with renowned meditation teacher and author Matteo Pistono
  • The foundational principles of meditation and the practical techniques that will help you begin to understand your mind and yourself
  • Advice on posture, practices and exercises, so that you can meditate with comfort and confidence
  • All the information you need to develop your meditator’s toolbox, including the mental skills of concentration, mindfulness, relaxation, attentiveness, spaciousness and awareness
  • Fourteen downloadable audio meditations so that you can practise anywhere, anytime
  • In-depth worksheets to enhance and develop your learning
  • A comprehensive meditation journal to be completed as you progress through the course, and a 28-day meditation plan so that you can continue on your spiritual journey after completion

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