The Power of Sound Healing – Online Course

Discover the Secrets of Sound for Manifestation, Rejuvenation, and Transformation

by Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman is a best-selling author and international authority on sound healing, and in this once-in-a-lifetime program, he lays bare the secrets of this ancient practice, and shows why everyone can be a sound healer. It’s just about learning to harness the power of your voice. Don’t worry, you needn’t be a musician—if you can hum, you can heal. So join Jonathan now to learn the physics of sound, plus simple exercises that use your voice as a potent healing tool. You’ll learn to create balance in your chakras, project healing sounds to different parts of your body, and use tuning forks that were specially created for health and transformation.

While the study of sound healing could be a lifetime endeavor, this course, which is based on more than 35 years of experience, lays out some of the most critical information and moving exercises to get you started on your journey, including some simple 5-minute practices that you can incorporate into your busy life right away!

  • During the course, you will learn concepts and practice techniques that include:
  • Bringing your awareness to the power of sound by both stimulating your mind as well as your ears
  • Focusing on the importance of your breath and how to breathe effectively
  • Using your own voice as a potent and natural sound-healing instrument by resonating the energy centres in your etheric body, called the “chakras”
  • Projecting sound to different parts of your physical body for balance and attunement
  • Working with specially created tuning forks for health and transformation
  • Projecting sound for planetary healing
  • While you will receive plenty of written material about sound—in PDFs throughout the program—as well as actual sounds you’ll be able to download, the majority of your learning will happen through personal experiences. The world of sound and sound healing lies more in the encounters you have than the concepts you learn. That’s why this course includes so many experiential exercises—everything from humming to using vowel sounds to resonate your chakras to proper breathing and deep listening.

By the end of this course, you will understand why this ancient tradition is becoming more popular than ever—and you’ll be able to tap into the power of your own voice to achieve balance and harmony, create deep relaxation, and manifest health and happiness.

Join Jonathan today—and take the first step toward your new life!

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