Theory of Sound Healing – Online Course

by Simone Vitale 

Are you interested in Sound Healing?

Are you practicing or thinking of learning Sound Healing?

Have you heard terms like frequency, vibrationentrainmentresonance and you are not sure what they exactly mean?

This course will provide you with the understanding of the basic terms that are recurrent in the field of sound as well as an in-depth analysis of the effects of sound on the human body and mind.

Please note that this is a theoretical course and it is mainly based on text. Videos have been added for those topics that need avisual help to be clearly understood.

Techniques of Sound Healing are available in the other programmes I offer. This one is intended to be a deepening of the fundamental elements upon which Sound Healing is based.

The concepts presented in this course may be entirely new to you or some of them may be already familiar. Either way, you will acquire a broad understanding that will connect all the dots and provide a bigger picture of how different aspects of working with sound and music are interconnected.

A body of information that will boost your competence in this field by clarifying the connection between the metaphysical aspects of sound and their practical application.

We are made to interact with the physical reality in terms of vibration and resonance. The aural universe speaks the language of our souls and sound is the key to a deeper understanding of life.

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