Global Soul Connexion was born out of the realisation that millions of us are on a mission to live more consciously, healthily, and spiritually; to be the best versions of ourselves and to create a better world for all.

It’s a vision to empower everyone on this path by creating a place where we can come together; share the incredible ideas, practices and innovations that are transforming the way we live; discuss ways to live more conscious, purposeful lives; feel part of this global shift; and bring great minds together to create new ideas.

Our community is all about coming together to play a part in our evolution – both individually and collectively. In uniting we can make changes both in ourselves and our world in the name of peace, harmony and prosperity.


“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.”

Howard Schultz


Join a community of healthy livers, conscious souls and spiritual seekers and access a wealth of resources, courses, discussions and more.

Share your talent with us: we welcome those who write, inspire, teach or have a course, product or app with which to enrich the community.



I’m a television director, writer, coach and the founder of Global Soul Connexion. You could say it’s been years in the making, but Global Soul Connexion is all the things I’m passionate about.

Hailing from the Scottish highlands, I was fortunate enough to live in the great city of London for many years making TV programmes. I enjoy yoga, meditation, painting and travel… as well a good dance and a nice glass of wine ;-).

Thank you for visiting Global Soul Connexion and a very warm welcome to you!

Global Soul Connexion

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